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Mayura Chess Board 2.3

Mayura Chess Board allows you to practice your chess skills
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Nowadays, you can find computer games inspired from almost any board game you can think of, from chess and backgammon to rummy and domino. Mayura Chess Board is one PC game that helps you practice your chess skills and test new game strategies.

For those who don't know what this board game is about, the application will offer direct access to the homepage of World Chess Federation where they can find a large set of chess rules related to strategy, gaining points and many other. Personally, I have found this feature very useful as I could barely remember some playing tactics.

Although Mayura Chess Board brought me various options that allowed me to save the game's progress, undo numerous moves, pause the game, etc., it disappointed me with the inability to play chess games against other users.
Plus, you get free access to only three types of chess engines (levels of difficulty); more playing styles can be found on the homepage of the developer at a not quite reasonable price.

However, if you ask me, a medium-level chess player, Mayura Chess Board is a great solution for testing chess capabilities.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Intuitive interface
  • Options to Pause, Resume and Undo moves
  • Gives you access to hints
  • You can save game progress
  • Offers direct access to the homepage of World Chess Federation


  • Doesn't support multiplayer gameplay
  • Few chess engines
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